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Bitcoin has always been a platform. Investing in a platform is something society only does if there is opportunity for growth.
BCH has this, BTC doesn’t.

Nobody is claiming BCH is beating BTC in tx volume. What we do say is that it has more developments, interests and sheer growth than any other.

Tom Zander

On the path to Freedom of innovation (2)

2017-12-05 bitcoin flowee
I wrote some days ago about the creation, investment, rentier triple of how people can earn money (here). The first two create value for those people. A gain seen not just by those that do the work. Should someone invent a better device, and then an investor comes along to mass produce it, we can all get access to something new for a good price. Everyone gets richer by having an open market and plenty of creators and investors. Continue reading

On the path to Freedom of innovation

2017-11-28 bitcoin flowee
Where do I want to go? I’ve been asking myself. To answer where, I would need to know why, I thought. Why am I interested in Bitcoin in the first place? It has to do with socio-economics. Let me explain. It is generally recognised that there are 3 ways to earn money. The first is to create wealth. This is the most obvious one and most corporations do this, they create things people want. Continue reading