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2018-01-24 bitcoin flowee
My motivation for working on Bitcoin is actually several decades old. In one of my first jobs we had some consultants visit us explaining all the ins and outs of a retirement plan. As most people young and naive do, I signed up for monthly payments. When less than a year later the company went under I tried to recover the funds paid and to my surprise there was only maybe 10% left of it. Continue reading

On the path to Freedom of innovation (2)

2017-12-05 bitcoin flowee
I wrote some days ago about the creation, investment, rentier triple of how people can earn money (here). The first two create value for those people. A gain seen not just by those that do the work. Should someone invent a better device, and then an investor comes along to mass produce it, we can all get access to something new for a good price. Everyone gets richer by having an open market and plenty of creators and investors. Continue reading

On the path to Freedom of innovation

2017-11-28 bitcoin flowee
Where do I want to go? I’ve been asking myself. To answer where, I would need to know why, I thought. Why am I interested in Bitcoin in the first place? It has to do with socio-economics. Let me explain. It is generally recognised that there are 3 ways to earn money. The first is to create wealth. This is the most obvious one and most corporations do this, they create things people want. Continue reading

What is new in Bitcoin Classic (2017/02/30)

This post will answer what happened in Bitcoin Classic since the last report New stuff In an continuing push to make the Bitcoin Classic client the best one to use on Linux we have seen some support added some time ago for the XDG Base Directory Spec for config files. Continuing in that direction Contributor Stephen McCarthy has been hard at work with the command-line parser code. The code we inherited when we started Classic is shared between various projects, in all of those a set of problems are present which make sysadmins and operators life a lot more difficult. Continue reading

Bitcoin Classic and the User-Activated-Hardfork (UAHF)

δΈ­ζ–‡ (Chinese translation) Over the last month we have seen an accelerated amount of effort being put into finally fixing the problems that have been bothering real users for months now. As the dust is not nearly ready to settle, we can at least make out the terrain and the big players. What many have been expecting is playing out before our eyes. We are going to see a divorce and two chains will continue their own ways. Continue reading

Who Wants SegWit?

2017-01-30 bitcoin'
In Bitcoin the one thing that is still being discussed quite a lot it is Segregated Witness, the hot technology that the people from Bitcoin Core announced to the world in December 2015. As the months go by and the realisation starts to set in that there is no way that the 25% miner support it currently has will get turned into the required 95%, we have to take a step back and think. Continue reading
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