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Tom Zander

Sometimes I feel like talking about things that are close to my heart and decided today to finally go and make myself a blog.

Blogging software has gotten quite mature in the past decade with plenty of great ones to chose from. Loads of features, reasonably smooth interface and well supported.

The downside of practically all of them is that they assume a central place where the blog lives. Which typically includes a database and a webserver that does something like php or other similar processing.

If you read this blog you may know already that I have a preference for systems that are distributed and which avoid single points of failure. Doing distributed (as opposed to centralized) work is typically a bit more difficult, but there are plenty of great tools to help with this.

My approach is a wiki where I edit in markdown and I use a wiki tool called ikiwiki which generates static html pages. All this happens in Git and the full repo is available on github for people to see, copy and if they want they can provide pull requests. For instance my Bitcoin posts may be useful to translate at which point a pull request is the most obvious way to send change to me.

Thanks for reading.