Tom Zander
Jan 30, 2017

Bitcoin Classic is a typical open source project where individuals come together in order to join forces and create the best solution they can. It can be a bit chaotic to keep track of what is going on and for this reason I want to write a little update on what has been going on in Bitcoin Classic.

There have been two similar posts in another forum before: 10-jan & 18-Jan.

A very brief recap for those that have not followed along. Bitcoin Classic got a restart that I introduced with Classic is Back here 2 months ago. We released version 1.2 some weeks ago that introduced various new technologies. The CMF bindings project got its release shorty after.

Last week I spend most of the time in a plane or in the airport going to from the EU to Mexico where the Satoshi Roundtable III was. I very much enjoyed meeting many Bitcoin friendly faces and having discussions about how we can further Bitcoin and Bitcoin Classic. At the same time this is my apology for having much less coding based progress.

  • We have seen bugfixes in the 1.2 stable branch (to become the 1.2.1 release).

    • [QT] Bugfix: ensure tray icon menu is not empty. By Stephen McCarthy.
    • Fix failing QA test from the -extended set. By Stephen McCarthy.
    • Make configure fail on old Boost. (1.55 has been the minimum for some time)
  • On the 'master' line of coding (to become the 1.3 version) we have seen various improvements as well.

    • We merged a PR written by Pat O'Brien that sanitises the default permissions of files written by the node on Unix. Adding code to make sure that the wallet.dat is only ever visible to the main user.
    • Merge a PR from Søren B.C. to remove some dead code (semicolons) from many files.
    • Merge various PRs from Amaury Sechet for backports and to add sublime text project file to gitignore
    • Merge a PR from Stephen McCarthy that makes sure that any unrecognised command line arguments or config-file lines will cause a warning on startup. This should make it much easier to configure the application.
    • Cleanup the NetworkStyle usage. This makes code less fragile and more coherent.
    • Remove duplicate (copy/pasted) code originally imported from the xthin project.

If you are interested in the Bitcoin Classic project, please look at our community page for how to get involved.