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Tom Zander

About this blog

This blog is about the work and hobbies of Tom Zander.

Tom has 30 years of software experience, with 17 years working on open source software, spanning dozens of projects and many thousands of public commits.

Tom has worked in a very diverse set of fields, from medical to embedded (mobile phone) all the way to financial technology. This also spans a range of languages with C++ / C# being the most used ones and you'll find him working on his Linux desktop with C++ in QtCreator most often. Toms business card claims he is a software architect and software developer.

In 2013 Tom started taking note of Bitcoin when the price broke the $100 barrier and the natural response was to find out more and that led to learning of the current financial system and where money actually comes from. He started at a software developer job in fin-tech soon after, to learn more about the business of trading of stocks and bonds and how our financial world works.

With an ever larger understanding of our financial world came a desire to take back control from the banks and the governments on the basic aspects of money. Tom worked with many people in the Bitcoin industry, until he was lucky enough to be invited to join Gavin Andresen on Bitcoin Classic in 2016. He soon became the release manager for this iconic project.

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