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My report on the Instant Transactions Workshop

2018-10-18 bitcoin'
In the past week the very well organised workshop for instant transactions (also called zero-conf) took place in lovely Italy where we had 3 days with a schedule packed with the main goal of aligning the views of the different implementer and players in the Bitcoin Cash space. Practically all Bitcoin Cash node implementer were represented with actual developers present. This meant the discussions went from high level to quite intense technical detail. Continue reading

Everything you know about (Bitcoin) wallets is wrong

2018-04-13 bitcoin cash
In Bitcoin Cash the level of innovation is amazing, and we have several wallets that used to be for Bitcoin Core that have now been made compatible with Bitcoin Cash. The problem is that new wallets coming to market are essentially doing the same as the old wallets, with very minor changes. And here is the thing, all current wallets are doing it wrong. The first wallet that existed was the one that Satoshi put in the full node software. Continue reading

Flowee just got easier to build

2018-02-14 bitcoin-cash flowee
Flowee is about helping creators to connect to Bitcoin (BCH). In today’s world we still are missing a lot of very useful components which allow us to integrate Bitcoin into every day life. Creators are the ones coming in and building those solutions. Today I finished a little project (took me almost a week) to upgrade the Flowee the Hub git repository so it can be build using cmake. An action taken after having seen too many people fail at the building step. Continue reading

Bitcoin has always been a platform. Investing in a platform is something society only does if there is opportunity for growth.
BCH has this, BTC doesn’t.

Nobody is claiming BCH is beating BTC in tx volume. What we do say is that it has more developments, interests and sheer growth than any other.

Tom Zander

How Flowee managed to make the wallet rescan speed 10x

2018-02-12 bitcoin cash flowee
In Bitcoin (BCH) a wallet doesn’t store a certain amount, instead it stores all the incoming payments you received before. Much like cash where your wallet stores the bills you received. A side-effect of this design is that if you want to check how much a backed-up paper wallet is worth, the wallet application is required to check for matching transactions in the block-chain. A typical needle in a haystack. The worst case scenario is when you have to rescan the entire history of Bitcoin Cash. Continue reading
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